Published August 10, 2022 | Version 2
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Regulator: dynamic analysis to detect ReDoS (artifacts)

  • 1. University of California, Santa Barbara


Evaluated artifacts produced for the paper "Regulator: dynamic analysis to detect ReDoS" published in USENIX Security, '22.

The file regulator_artifacts_files_only.tar.gz contains a gzipped tarball of software used and data produced from the experiments in the paper. The file regulator_artifacts.tar.gz is a docker container with all dependencies pre-installed for executing the software. See /artifacts/ in the container to get started.

Tested against docker version 20.10.7. To restore and run the docker container:

gzip -d regulator_artifacts.tar.gz
docker load < regulator_artifacts.tar
docker run -it regulator_artifacts /bin/bash




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