Published November 1, 2021 | Version 3
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Dataverse North Metadata Best Practices Guide v 3.0

  • 1. Université de Montréal
  • 2. Université Laval
  • 3. Queen's University
  • 4. University of British Columbia
  • 5. University of Alberta
  • 6. Scholars Portal
  • 7. Digital Research Alliance of Canada
  • 8. Wilfrid Laurier University


One of the most useful features of the Dataverse repository software is the large number of metadata fields it provides for describing research data. This guide is intended to support both the novice and experienced user in creating metadata for datasets in a Dataverse repository. It provides official definitions of metadata fields with clarifications and tips, distinguishes between required, recommended, and optional fields, and illustrates the use of fields with examples. This version of the guide has been updated to include coverage of all available metadata fields - citation, geospatial, social science and humanities, astronomy and astrophysics, life sciences, and journal metadata. The guide was created with permission from Harvard for the use of definitions and the Texas Digital Library for basic design. Ce guide est aussi disponible en français.



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