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Strength and Durability Performance of Ferrocement Panels with the Influence of Corrosion Inhibitor

  • 1. Civil Department, R.M.K. Engineering College, Kavaraipettai, Tamil nadu, India
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Success of Ferrocement, as with other construction material, depends largely upon its durability. ACI-549R strongly recommends that studies be undertaken to suggest durable and long-term anti-corrosion techniques to prevent penetration of water and salts that could lead to the corrosion of reinforcing wire mesh. The main objective of this study is to develop a durable Ferrocement panel by incorporating corrosion inhibitors as admixtures. The inhibitor used is sodium nitrate based inhibitor. Totally 24 Ferrocement panels are subjected to strength and durability study to ascertain the influence of inhibitor modification in cement mortar. Inhibitor admixed mortar offers marginally improved resistance against water absorption irrespective of tested dosage levels as compared to control mortar. There is a appreciable reduction in current development in the order of 18% for inhibitor admixed mortar as compared to control mortar, which is an indication of improved resistance against chloride penetration. Half-cell potential readings on galvanized Ferrocement panels should not be interpreted for corrosion probability as per ASTM C876. Ferrocement panels with crimped wire mesh and inhibitor modification offered low corrosion risk at the end of test period as per ASTM C876. There is an improvement in ultimate load carrying capacity for galvanized mesh Ferrocement panels of the order of 11-16% upon inhibitor modification in mortar. Similar ultimate load carrying capacity for crimped wire mesh Ferrocement panels for control and inhibitor modified mortar. Ductile behavior associated with multiple crack formation before failure is observed for all tested panels. It can be concluded that crimped wire mesh panel Ferrocement panels offered appreciable stiffness, load carrying capacity and ductility as compared to galvanized mesh Ferrocement panel. Inhibitor incorporation appreciably improves the durable performance of Ferrocement panels.



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