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RESISTIRE D4.1 Qualitative indications of inequalities produced by COVID-19 and its policy responses. 1st cycle summary report

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  • 3. Sabanci University
  • 4. Techn0000-0001-5482-7108ological University Dublin
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This report on qualitative indications of inequalities reports on the identification of inequalities produced by COVID-19 and/or (re)produced by its policy responses. It is based on the collection and analysis of qualitative data identified within the framework developed in RESISTIRÉ. It derives from extensive, mixed methods to gather data in the project’s first of three research cycles. It includes workshops and interviews with inequality experts, and narrative interviews with individual people living throughout Europe. These provide us with insights on the impact of COVID from both professional and personal perspectives, including the insights and experiences from experts in civil society, experts in public authorities, academics, and the individual stories of lived experiences during COVID-19. These insights allow us to analyse the behavioural, economic, social, and environmental impacts of COVID-19 from a gender+ perspective and on vulnerable/marginalised groups. Through this data collection and analysis, the report provides analytical insights during the second year of the outbreak.  


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