Published October 21, 2021 | Version v1
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Automated Benchmarking of Algorithms for Quantum Systems

  • 1. CERN openlab


We have developed a software platform, ABAQUS (Automated Benchmarking of Algorithms for Quantum Systems), that can be used to benchmark the performance of both software frameworks and hardware devices used in the simulation of quantum computers. This platform has been developed as a Python package which can be easily extended with interfaces to any quantum software framework, on top of which the benchmarks implemented in the package can be run. What is more, these interfaces do not define or rely on the specific benchmarks that are run: these and their details are fully controlled by the ABAQUS package and they are common to all the frameworks.

So far, ABAQUS incorporates some basic benchmarks based on random circuits, single-qubit and two-qubit gates and the Quantum Fourier Transform.

In addition to this, we have designed a user-friendly web application in Flask that presents all the benchmark results in a clear and interactive manner. This web application is fully connected to the ABAQUS framework in such a way that any changes in ABAQUS are automatically reflected on the companion web application –– without any changes whatsoever on the web application source code.



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