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Updated Story Maps on Lessons Learnt from each Case Study

  • 1. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
  • 2. Thünen Institute of Farm Economics
  • 3. WWF Programul Dunare Carpati Romania
  • 4. Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information
  • 5. Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • 6. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)
  • 7. Bioinstitut
  • 8. ISARA
  • 9. Agricultural University Athens
  • 10. Geonardo
  • 11. CREA – Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy
  • 12. Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia
  • 13. Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania
  • 14. Gestión Ambiental de Navarra
  • 15. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • 16. The James Hutton Institute
  • 17. University of Aberdeen


In 15 case studies representing different European farming systems and stages along the agro-ecological transition, related barriers have been analysed and strategies co-constructed with the Multi-Actor Platforms over the course of the UNISECO project. The strategies are the result of different assessments (such as sustainability assessment or social network analysis), interviews and workshops with local stakeholders. Narratives that derive the main lessons learnt on governance changes and sustainability implications of agro-ecological transitions have been developed in a set of web pages (story maps) to make the research outcomes accessible in an easy to understand language to practitioners, policy stakeholders and the wider public. While there are unique lessons learnt in each case study, there are three common domains of lessons learnt, namely (1) knowledge and social capital, (2) market access, processing and value added and (3) innovative policy support. Based on existing policies such as support for organic farming, the latter needs specially to focus on fostering cooperation, supporting of the knowledge system, result-based payments and green public procurement.

UNISECO is a European research project aiming to develop innovative approaches to enhance the understanding of socio-economic and policy drivers and barriers for further development and implementation of agro-ecological practices in EU farming systems. Learn more about the project:

This project has received funding from the European Union's H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 773901.

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UNISECO – Understanding and improving the sustainability of agro-ecological farming systems in the EU 773901
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