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Comparative Analysis of a Three-Phase Inverter with Different Loads

  • 1. Department of Electrical Engineering from Kuwait University, located in Kuwait
  • 2. Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from New Mexico State University located in Kuwait
  • 3. Member of Training Staff, Higher Institute of Energy PAAET, Kuwait
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DC–AC inverters play a crucial factor in the modern era to satisfying the demand of energy conversion, which is definitely for a better lifestyle and developing smart facilities. In this paper a deeper study has been taken place to understand the behavior of the inverter base on three phase bridge inverters. The scenarios for the inverters respectively with pure resistive loads R and inductive resistive loads RL are both discussed. The term load is referring to the brushless DC motor (BLDC) which is more reliable than regular or permanent magnet DC motors, this study will help to understand the effect of these components in the inverters. These effects could be related to friction and other electrical problem such as spark which they are associated with the DC components’ operation. Moreover, solving differential equations numerically using powerful software such as MTLAB, which certainly solidify the comprehension of the system operation. The inverter was simulated using MATLAB as a variable DC and AC power supply to in investigate the effect of varying the parameters of the reference input signals such as carrier frequency, duty cycle and the output load such as inductance. Finally, a flowchart of the system is included described both hardware and software.



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