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Eudaimonia among Mathematics Teachers and its Correlates

  • 1. Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology
  • 2. Maliangcog Elementary School
  • 3. Bulalacao National High School


Happiness and satisfaction with life are vital to the total well-being of an individual. In teaching, the attitude and the emotional state of the teachers affect their performance and their relationship with the learners. Thus, this study was conducted to determine the factors and the level of eudaimonia of the mathematics teachers. The factors included personal profile in terms of age, gender, position, length of service, salary, and teaching load, and school profile which includes class type, type of school, school population, book-student ratio, and school facilities. However, eudaimonia was measured in terms of the happiness index and level of satisfaction with life. Forty randomly selected mathematics teachers enrolled in the graduate studies of a state college in Oriental Mindoro were the respondents of the study. The instrument used was composed of four parts: survey form for personal, and school profile, the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire, and the Satisfaction with Life Scale. The data were treated using mean, frequency-percentage, correlation, coefficient of determination, Analysis of Variance, and stepwise regression. The results showed that personal, and school profiles were not related to the respondents’ happiness. However, the type of school, school population, and salary were found to be determinants of satisfaction with life.


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