Published September 30, 2021 | Version v2
Presentation Open

Perception of researchers in the preparation of data management plans


  • 1. Fundação Oswaldo Cruz


Considering that the elaboration of a DMP is not a trivial task for the researcher, who, for the most, do not use this praxis in their research routine, Icict/Fiocruz carried out a study about the perception of researchers regarding the elaboration of a DMP, supported by the FioPGD tool, developed by the Fundação Oswaldo Cruz. We tried to identify doubts, facilities and difficulties related to the system interface (usability); the understanding of the content to be filled in each form section; the general perception of the tool; as well as the challenges founded during its filling. As a methodological procedure, a qualitative approach was used, adopting as a data collection instrument the observation of the user's interaction with the system. The result generated some necessary actions to optimize the system and highlighted the difficulty in understanding about metadata. It was concluded that metadata questions must have a better explanation with answers tips inside the DMP systems, to ensure its proper fill. Besides this, it is necessary to adopt an institutional ecosystem that ensures an articulation between information professionals and ethical and legal specialists, to support researchers, in their DMPs elaboration.


Perception of researchers in the preparation of data management plans.pdf