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Evaluation of Vibration Characteristics and Theoretical Analysis for In-Wheel Driving Electric Road Vehicle

  • 1. Automotive and Tractors Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Mattaria, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.
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Hub-motor driven electric vehicles consider the upcoming technology in the vehicle industry. It has several merits such as lightweight, good accelerator responsiveness, flexibility when designing different drivetrains, operated at most operative efficiency points, and increased space-saving compared with the traditional electric vehicle driven by a central motor. The energy demand around the world is increasing dramatically. So, the researchers seek to find alternatives to the non-renewable resources represented by fossil fuels. Electric vehicles are the most suitable vehicle to avail of this type of energy due to their high efficiency and zero fuel consumption and emission. The electric-powered vehicle is distinctive with low noise and vibration which improves the vibration characteristics compared with internal combustion engine vehicles. In this paper, eight degrees of freedom passive quarter car suspension system of an in-wheel drive powered electric vehicle equipped with a battery/ultracapacitor hybrid energy storage system is studied and analyzed. The system was simulated and tested in both time and frequency domains via the MATLAB/Simulink environment.



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