Published June 13, 2021 | Version 2.0
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Thorsten-Voice - "Thorsten-21.06-emotional" Dataset


Thorsten-Voice (Thorsten-21.06-emotional) is an emotional dataset recorded by Thorsten Müller, audio optimized by Dominik Kreutz and licenced under CC0 to provide it for anybody without any financial or licence struggle.

"I contribute my personal voice as a person believing in a world where all people are equal. No matter of gender, sexual orientation, religion, skin color and geocoordinates of birth location. A global world where everybody is warmly welcome on any place on this planet and open and free knowledge and education is available to everyone." (Thorsten Müller)

Dataset contains 2.400 recordings.

  • 300 sentences * 8 emotions = 2.400 recordings
  • recorded by Thorsten Müller
  • audio optimized by Dominik Kreutz
  • mono
  • samplerate 22.050Hz
  • normalized to -24dB
  • no silence at beginning/ending
  • sentence length: 59 - 148 chars

Here's the audio length by emotion:

  • Neutral 🙂19 min.
  • Disgusted 🤢23 min.
  • Angry 😠20 min.
  • Amused 😀18 min.
  • Surprised 😲18 min.
  • Sleepy 😔30 min.
  • Drunk (i was "not" drunk while recording, just pronouncing it this way!) 😵25 min.
  • Whispering 🤫22 min.

For more details see my Github page or Thorsten-Voice project website.


Please use it to make the world a better place for whole humankind.


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