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The Influence of Procurement Systems on Construction Projects in Rwanda

  • 1. Student, Master's in construction project management, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
  • 2. Ph.D. (Constr. Eng. & Mngt.); Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
  • 3. Senior lecturer, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
  • 1. Publisher


The iRwandan iconstruction iindustry icontributes iup ito i7.4% iof ithe itotal iGDP iof i2010, iyet iits iperformance iwithin ithe ieconomy ihas ibeen, iand icontinues ito ibe, ivery ipoor idue ito icost ioverruns iresulting ito iabandonment iof iprojects. iThe itraditional idesign-bid-build isystem iof iprocurement iis istill idominant iin ithe iRwandan iconstruction isector iand ithis imay ilikely icontinue ito ibe ithe itrend. iDelay iin iproject iexecution iis ia imajor iproblem iin ithe iRwandan iconstruction iindustry. iThis ioccurs iboth iin ismall iand ilarge iprojects. iVirtually, iall ithe iprojects iexecuted iover ithe iyears iin iRwanda iwere ifaced iwith iproblem iof idelay iin idelivery. iThe iprimary iobjective iof ithe istudy iis ito ianalyze ithe iinfluence iof iprocurement isystems ion iconstruction iprojects. iSpecific iobjectives iare; ito iidentify ithe iextent ito iwhich ivarious iprocurement isystems icommonly iused iby iproject imanagers iin iKigali ifor iconstruction iprojects, ito iexamine iinfluence iof iprocurement isystems iencountered iwhen iemploying ivarious iprocurement isystems ifor iconstruction iprojects, ito iassess ithe imerits iand idemerits iof ithe ivarious iprocurement isystems ion iconstruction icost, idevelop ia iframework iof iprocurement ifactors iinfluencing idelays. iFor ithe iresearch idesign iand imethodology, ithe iresearch iwill ibe icarried iout iin iEnergy iDevelopment iCorporation iLimited ias ione iof ithe iinstitutions ihighly iinvolved iin ithe iprocurement iand iexecution iof iconstruction iworks iin iRwanda. iThe idescriptive iand iexplanatory iapproaches iwere idone iduring ithe iresearch iand iqualitative iand iquantitative imethods iwere iconsidered ias iwell. iAbout ithe isample isize iand itarget ipopulation, ithe iresearcher iconsiders i21 ias itarget ipopulation iand icensus itechnique iwas iused. iData ianalysis iused ispread isheets, iSPSS iand iother istatistic igraphs iand itables. iThe idata icollection iinstruments iwere iquestionnaires. i iThe itype iof ivalidity iused iby ithe iresearcher ifor ithis istudy iwas ithe icontent ivalidity. iFor ithe ireliability iof ithe idata icollection iinstrument, iTest- iretest ireliability iwas iused. iIt iis ia imeasure iof ireliability iobtained iby iadministering ithe isame itest itwice iover ia iperiod iof itime ito ia igroup iof iindividuals. iThe ifindings iguided ithe iresearcher iafter ianalyzing idata, ito iobserve ithe iinfluence iof iprocurement isystems ion iconstruction iprojects iin iRwanda.


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