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Data + Code + Software = PDF How to write a reproducible research article

  • 1. Juelich Research Center


A PDF of the slides for the talk "Data + Code + Software = PDF:  How to write a reproducible research article", presented at the NL-RSE Meetup on "Reproducible Research Environments", Sep. 15th 2021.

Science is an incremental process that produces and builds up on more than just published journal articles - nevertheless, journals only rarely accept or publish formats other than text documents or PDFs. An alternative to a classic PDF is a reproducible research article, an electronic document that is automatically generated from your project’s code, data, and software, and embeds results and figures into the manuscript text as they are computed. With this, reproducible research articles combine adherence to publishers requirements with uncompromising reproducibility, increased reusability, and efficiency.

This talk will be a demonstration of one of many ways to writing an automatically reproducible research article and making it publicly available. It will walk through a traditionally published paper, and reveal the openly available reproducible research article behind it. Beyond this, it will introduce a generic framework to link and share all building blocks of a project, including code, data of any size, software, and the final manuscript.



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