Published September 3, 2021 | Version v2
Presentation Open

The DARIAH-DE Data Federation Architecture as a highway to FAIR data

  • 1. Göttingen State and University Library


The ever-evolving digitisation of research across all disciplines yearns for an equally evolving offer of corresponding services. Diverse and large collections of research data become useful for researchers especially when they are FAIR. Comprehensive, user-friendly, and accurate search interfaces are important elements within this context. The DARIAH-DE Data Federation Architecture (DFA) responds to these requirements with its services. As a well-established integral part of DARIAH-DE, the DFA is now also intertwined with the CLARIN search spaces; most notably the Federated Content Search has become an endpoint for the DARIAH-DE Collection Registry. This integration work is pursued by the BMBF-funded project CLARIAH-DE and aims at research institutions and individual researchers alike.


Funded by the BMBF under 01UG1610 A to I