Published September 2, 2021 | Version 0.0.1
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Natural Language-Guided Programming User Study


In this dataset you find the user study data that was used in the Natural Language-Guided Programming paper, which is accepted for Onward! 2021. A preprint can be found here The dataset consists of the following files:

  • benchmark.json contains 201 test cases. Each test case consists of context, a natural language intent and target code. The test cases are intended to evaluate a model that can predict code giving a piece of context code and a natural language intent. The test cases were derived from Jupyter notebooks that were crawled from Github projects with permissive licenses. In the project_metadata field you find information about the original project such as its git url and license.

  • predictions-annotated.json contains predictions of the three models used in the paper for 100 test cases in benchmark.json. Each prediction is accompanied with qualitive assesments from three annotators.

  • train-index.jsonl is the list of github projects that were used for training the models.

  • eval-index.jsonl is a list of github projects that we kept separate for evaluation. The benchmark.json was created from a random subset of the projects in this list.

For more details we refer to the paper.



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