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D3.2 FAIR Data Practice Analysis

  • 1. Digital Curation Centre
  • 2. University of Goettingen
  • 3. Science and Technology Facilities Council


This document provides an analysis of practices to support FAIR data production within a broad selection of research disciplines and research data repositories. It aims to inform the priorities of stakeholders interested in embedding those practices in research communities. Those stakeholders include policy makers, data librarians and others providing data services to research communities, as well as champions of FAIR principles in those communities. It also identifies priority themes for initial work in FAIRsFAIR to support ESFRI cluster and EOSC projects in FAIR culture change. These include developing a self-assessment framework for research infrastructures and institutions on their progress to support FAIR enabling practices in the communities they serve. This will underpin further work to build capabilities, describe good practice and address the highly uneven awareness of FAIR principles and the lack of information on research community implementation.

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Project deliverable: 10.5281/zenodo.3558172 (DOI)
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