Published October 30, 2020 | Version 1.0
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D3.6 Proposal on integration of metadata catalogues to support cross-disciplinary FAIR uptake

  • 1. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • 2. Digital Curation Centre


This deliverable provides an analysis of the (meta)data catalogues concept in different domain-specific research data infrastructures and research data repositories. It discusses the importance of metadata standards and vocabularies for improving the FAIRness of these research data collections, as well as the diversity of specific domain dependent metadata standards and vocabularies (a.k.a. semantic artifacts). 

We discuss the problem with five domains (Life Sciences; Photon and Neutron; Social Sciences and Humanities; Environmental research, and with the corresponding five funded “EOSC clusters projects” (EOSC-Life, PaNOSC, SSHOC, ENVRIFAIR, and ESCAPE), and we describe a pilot proposal of metadata catalogue integration to improve cross-disciplinary FAIR uptake with the metadata catalogues of the clusters.



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