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Geomorphometric Analysis for Mapping Platforms of the Mazagan Corridor, Morocco

  • 1. LGMSS-URAC45, Department of Earth Sciences, Chouaib Doukkali University, El Jadida, Morocco
  • 2. Optics & Photonics Center, Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation


The Mazagan corridor is located in the so-called Sahel-Doukkala and it is in the form of an elongated depression oriented N-S, , in which five platform surfaces are aligned in the principal direction and mainly formed by shell limestone and calcareous sandstones. For this purpose, the Digital Elevation Model was used as primary product to generate a digital map of these platforms and to infer the faults offsets in order to determine the displacements on the faults that border the Mazagan corridor. These faults, coupled with those of other authors, allow to build a synthesis map that highlights 3 families of faults. With a N-S tectonic constraint, the NNE faults delimit a collapse trough whose western limit constitutes the northern extension of the post-Devonian Drabla-Sidi Smain fault, which is itself a reactivation of a Cambrian rift boundary fault. On the other hand, the Oulad Ziane fault, seems to be inherited from the Cambrian and/or Devonian paleogeography and is reactivated in the Quaternary and probably influenced the Plio-Quaternary transgressions.



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