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paperChain D05.7 - "Performance of Circular Case 2. Road applications"


The present report focuses in the monitoring data and their interpretation, covering the technical performance, structural integrity and environmental follow up.

In all the cases the leaching properties have been assessed by producing laboratory specimens with the soil, WPFA, cement and lime picked up during the pilot execution, reproducing the same placing conditions (dosing, dry density and moisture content). Complete leaching test has been performed at 7, 28, 90, 180 and 360 curing days, showing the metal mobility evolution and the differences and similarities with the standard binders. These tests have shown that the WPFA blended samples remained as inert soils except for those parameters that surpassed the threshold limit in the original soil (chlorides in S-EST2 and Sulphates in S-EST3). Antimony slightly overpassed the limit for inert waste in all the cases (WPFA and cement treated soils) despite the fact that this element is not found in relevant amounts in the WPFA or cement.


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