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paperChain D05.5 - "Implementation of Circular Case 4. Chemical industry"


The circular case is demonstrated by a project group consisting of Domsjö Fabriker, a pulp mill that produces dissolving pulp for viscose applications. In the project Domsjö Fabriker demonstrates both the ethanol production from fibre reject and production of an improved pulp quality suitable for production of cellulose ethers; SEKAB, a chemical company that produces ethanol derivatives such as acetic aldehyde and ethyl acetate starting from ethanol. In the project SEKAB works with demonstration of ethyl chloride production; Nouryon, a chemical company with a production of a cellulose ether, Bermocoll®, using cellulose and ethyl chloride as raw materials; RISE Processum, a research institute with the overall responsibility of the circular case and contribute to the research done in the project.


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