Published August 23, 2021 | Version 1.0.0
Dataset Open

RELLISUR: A Real Low-Light Image Super-Resolution Dataset

  • 1. Aalborg University
  • 2. Aalborg University and Milestone Systems A/S


The RELLISUR dataset contains real low-light low-resolution images paired with normal-light high-resolution reference image counterparts. This dataset aims to fill the gap between low-light image enhancement and low-resolution image enhancement (Super-Resolution (SR)) which is currently only being addressed separately in the literature, even though the visibility of real-world images is often limited by both low-light and low-resolution.  The dataset contains 12750 paired images of different resolutions and degrees of low-light illumination, to facilitate learning of deep-learning based models that can perform a direct mapping from degraded images with low visibility to high-quality detail rich images of high resolution.


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