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Vivências da pandemia na São Remo: um discurso coletivo


Jardim São Remo is a community in the West Zone of the city of São Paulo, where the experience of the Covid-19 pandemic is similar to that of other urban peripheries in some aspects and differs in others. Within Jardim São Remo, the experiences are also heterogeneous and comprise collective and individual elements. Between January and April 2021, there was a community-based work to portray the experiences of some residents of São Remo, considering various experiences and memories recorded in interviews or during the application of a research method known as Photovoice.

This report is a collective discourse composed of several of these registers, built on some ideas of a method called collective subject discourse. We did not use all records, and its articulation followed one among many possible paths. The result brings nuances, affections, and portraits that reinforce what seems obvious, remain neglected, and exposes a chronic contradiction: marginalized communities continue to disproportionately suffer collective damages, with which this marginalization deepens and crises intensify. But the result also brings lessons and points of view necessary to address marginalized realities. All this in four sessions: "Covid-19: one more blow", "Community-care management", "Children and adolescents", and "Multispecies families".

Some text fragments were modified, mainly to concatenate the ideas, add implicit terms in the original context and increase the number and gender agreement between sentences from different registers. These modifications are grayed out.

It is noteworthy that although we have used some elements of Photovoice and the collective subject discourse, this document does not report the application of these methods or what would result from applying them. Other documents will address methodological aspects and their respective results, using additional records and reusing some of those used here.

The report is in Portuguese. If you can help with its translation or English review, please get in touch!


Research funded by the Fundação Tide Setubal


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