Published June 30, 2021 | Version 1.00
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Establishment of S&R Concept of operations


The purpose of the following deliverable is to examine the Search and Rescue procedures as a system. Operational and managerial aspects will be analyzed, focusing on strategies, tactics, policies, and constraints affecting the system, such as Search & Rescue System Components and Management & Organizational Improvements.
The basic principles and theories of search management are divided into organization, management, leadership, strategy, tactics, and clue awareness. These fundamentals, when used effectively and efficiently, will normally render successful searches. Several key actions and decisions must be made by SAR management personnel. In the majority of searches, these actions have proven to be highly successful in locating the lost or missing subject.
The SAR system cannot be effective without management. The management task is defined as “consisting of organizing groups of individuals so that they work together towards common goals or, in other words, deciding what has to be done and getting other people to do it” and can be achieved “through the process of planning, making decisions, organizing, leading, motivating, communicating and controlling”.


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