Published August 2, 2021 | Version 5.0
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Madidi Project Full Dataset

  • 1. Missouri Botanical Garden
  • 2. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • 3. University of Michigan
  • 4. Hospital Central de Ivirgarzama
  • 5. Herbario Nacional de Bolivia


This item contains version 5.0 of the Madidi Project's full dataset. The zip file contains (1) raw data, which was downloaded from Tropicos ( on August 18, 2020; (2) R scripts used to modify, correct, and clean the raw data; (3) clean data that are the output of the R scripts, and which are the point of departure for most uses of the Madidi Dataset; (4) post-cleaning scripts that obtain additional but non-essential information from the clean data (e.g. by extracting environmental data from rasters); and (5) a miscellaneous collection of additional non-essential information and figures. This item also includes the Data Use Policy for this dataset.

The core dataset of the Madidi Project consists of a network of ~500 forest plots distributed in and around the Madidi National Park in Bolivia. This network contains 50 permanently marked large plots (1-ha), as well as >450 temporary small plots (0.1-ha). Within the large plots, all woody individuals with a dbh ≥10 cm have been mapped, tagged, measured, and identified. Some of these plots have also been re-visited and information on mortality, recruitment, and growth exists. Within the small plots, all woody individuals with a dbh ≥2.5 cm have been measured and identified. Each plot has some edaphic and topographic information, and some large plots have information on various plant functional traits.

The Madidi Project is a collaborative research effort to document and study plant biodiversity in the Amazonia and Tropical Andes of northwestern Bolivia. The project is currently lead by the Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG), in collaboration with the Herbario Nacional de Bolivia. The management of the project is at MBG, where J. Sebastian Tello ( is the scientific director. The director oversees the activities of a research team based in Bolivia. MBG works in collaboration with other data contributors (currently: Manuel J. Macía [], Gabriel Arellano [] and Beatriz Nieto []), with a representative from the Herbario Nacional de Bolivia (LPB; Carla Maldonado []), as well as with other close associated researchers from various institutions. For more information regarding the organization and objectives of the Madidi Project, you can visit the project’s website (


The Madidi project has been supported by generous grants from the National Science Foundation (DEB 0101775, DEB 0743457, DEB 1836353), and the National Geographic Society (NGS 7754-04 and NGS 8047-06). Additional financial support for the Madidi Project has been provided by the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Comunidad de Madrid (Spain), the Universidad Autónima de Madrid, and the Taylor and Davidson families.



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National Science Foundation
Understanding the Spatial Patterns of Diversity of Montane Forests in Northern Bolivia 0743457
National Science Foundation
Botanical Inventory of the Madidi Region, Bolivia 0101775
National Science Foundation