Published August 1, 2021 | Version v2
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Future of Open Scholarship: Costs & Benefits of Collective Investment

  • 1. AlignConsulting; Columbia University
  • 2. Invest in Open Infrastructure


This research brief explores the costs and benefits of collective investment, conducted as part of the Future of Open Scholarship research effort led by Invest in Open Infrastructure. Accompanying this brief is an interactive model which can be accessed here:

For additional information on this project, visit:


Funding for this research was provided by: Wellcome Trust. Additional support provided by: University at Buffalo, SPARC, North Carolina State University, Indiana University Bloomington, Iowa State University, the Center for Research Libraries, the Libraries of the BigTen Alliance, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and Stanford University.


[IOI-FOS] Brief_ Costs & Benefits of Collective Investment (4).pdf