Published July 28, 2021 | Version 1.0
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Multi Qubit Correction (MQC) for Quantum Annealers

  • 1. Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2. University of Maryland, Baltimore County


MQC is a classical postprocessing method for improving the quality of drawn samples by quantum annealers (like the D-Wave quantum processors), and any Ising processing unit (IPU). MQC receives a sample-set and coefficients of an Ising model as input, and (in most cases) result in a new/synthetic sample that is notably better than all input samples. MQC has outperformne recent software/hardware advancements such as applying spin-reversal transforms, increased inter-sample delay between successive reads/samples, applying steepest descent method (as a postprocessing approach) to drawn samples, reverse annealing, etc. It is worth noting that MQC requires significantly fewer samples.


Python implementation of MQC



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Preprint: arXiv:2010.00115 (arXiv)
Journal article: 10.1038/s41598-021-95482-w (DOI)