Published June 21, 2021 | Version v1
Presentation Open

Towards a semantic model for FDOs

  • 1. GESIS - Leibniz institute for the Social Sciences
  • 2. e-Science-Factory


FAIR Digital Objects (FDOs) are especially needed when it comes to linking together heterogeneous data from different communities in order to advance cross-disciplinary research. However, it is still neither clear what the minimum set of attributes making a FDO is nor do we have a model for representing these attributes in a semantically unambiguous and machine-actionable way. The session will discuss requirements to be taken into account for future discussions on a semantic model for FDOs.


GO FAIR Implementation Network, Go Inter, FDO Forum


20210621_Towards a semantic model for FDOs-FAIRSemantics_LeFranc.pdf