Published July 20, 2021 | Version v1
Dataset Open

Timeseries of simulated glacier meltwater runoff for primary hydrological regions in Svalbard

  • 1. Western Norway Univsersity of Applied Sciences
  • 2. University of Oslo


Timeseries of annual cumulative glacier meltwater runoff for 14 primary hydrological regions of Svalbard, as well as one subregion, for the period September 2003 to September 2013. Regional glacier meltwater runoff are extracted from climatic mass balance simulations for all glaciers in Svalbard published by Aas et al., 2016, "The climatic mass balance of Svalbard glaciers: a 10-year simulation with a coupled atmosphere–glacier mass balance model", doi:10.5194/tc-10-1089-2016) and used in a manuscript by Dunse et al., 2021, "Regional-scale phytoplankton dynamics and their association with glacier meltwater runoff in Svalbard", submitted to the EGU journal Biogeosciences in July 2021



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