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D5.1. Internal engagement and change management strategy guideline

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The objective of this document is to help the RPOs and RFOs involved in CALIPER to develop a tailored internal engagement and change management strategy. This task is part of WP5 (Engagement, change management and sustainability), which aims at creating the appropriate conditions for ensuring the acceptance of the Gender Equality Plan (GEP)’s measures. A key success factor for the acceptance, smooth implementation and sustainability of a GEP is a strong basis of engaged and motivated people. The document presents, on the one hand, some theoretical insights to understand gender equality and discrimination and, on the other, a practical guideline addressing common obstacles in gender equality work (resistance) and how to overcome them, as well as success factors and good practices to foster structural change for gender equality in research organizations. These theoretical and practical knowledges will allow CALIPER research organisations to appropriately design an internal engagement and change management strategy and thus ensure the success of their respective GEPs. In addition to this, a last chapter presents the evaluation and monitoring process of engagement activities, including a presentation of the broad strategy adopted and KPIs for tasks 5.2 (Engagement of regional research and innovation ecosystem) and 5.3 (Awareness raising activities) and the description of the reporting procedure and template.


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