Published July 1, 2021 | Version 2.1
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Challenges of Curating for Reproducible and FAIR Research Output


The goal of the CURE-FAIR WG is to establish standards-based guidelines for curating for reproducible and FAIR data and code. The final deliverable of the Working Group (WG) is a document outlining CURE-FAIR standards-based guidelines for best practices in publishing and archiving computationally reproducible studies. To support the deliverable, the WG created four subgroups, each tasked with studying and summarizing a particular aspect of this work: CURE-FAIR Definitions, Practices, Challenges, and Alliances.

This document reports on the work of subgroup 3, on CURE-FAIR Challenges. The aim of Subgroup 3 is to describe the challenges of preparing and reusing materials required for computational reproducibility. The group has reviewed the literature and collected use cases, stories, and interviews with various stakeholders (researchers, publishers, funders, data professionals, IT, repositories) who are trying to reproduce computation-based scientific results and processes. This report represents the WG’s first milestone toward the final deliverable: CURE-FAIR survey of current state.