Published January 31, 2021 | Version 2.0
Project deliverable Open

D8.3 - Dissemination, Communication & Stakeholders Engagement Plan


The Dissemination, Communication & Stakeholders Engagement plan of TheFSM aims to give a general scope of the activities that will be undertaken during the project’s lifetime, as well as the way in which they will serve to make the results obtained available to the identified target groups. The document goes through the strategy that will be followed by the consortium to communicate the project’s objectives. This will be performed through a variety of dissemination channels, such as the project’s website and social media as well as a set of public activities and events. For that purpose, specific materials and tools will be exploited by the consortium partners. Moreover, the responsibilities of each partner are extensively analyzed in tandem with the key performance indicators that will be used to assess the effectiveness of each performed action.


D8.3 Dissemination, Communication & Stakeholders Engagement Plan_V2.0_M12.pdf

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