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Published January 31, 2021 | Version 1.0
Project deliverable Open

D7.3 – Annual Report of Marketing, Sales & Partnership Activities


This document is the first version of the Annual Report of Marketing, Sales & Partnership Activities (D7.3 due in M12) for the TheFSM project. This deliverable aims to give a general scope of the activities that were undertaken during the first year of the project’s implementation and of the impact generated through the corresponding KPIs. These activities were focused in three main objectives:

  • The organization and implementation of all necessary activities in terms of communication and marketing actions. The usage of all brand and identity material, digital and offline was set in order to promote the platform in targeted, well-known markets. Moreover, the initiation of marketing activities was intended to generate new warm and relevant leads for TheFSM and to contribute to the formation of digital marketing campaigns;
  • The design, implementation and monitoring of the community engagement and partnership development strategy, enhancing and facilitating the adoption of the platform as well as the evolution of the business ecosystem around it;
  • The establishment and development of a continuous monitoring mechanism set up not only to report the progress of the project regarding the KPIs that were set, but also to ensure that supportive or corrective actions would take place in time.

The outcome of the report of all the above activities which took place on the D7.3 and of the generated impact will be assessed by a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure the provided and consumed data via the platform.


D7.3 Annual Report of Marketing, Sales & Partnership Activities V1.0_M12.pdf

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