Published June 8, 2021 | Version 2.0
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D1.1 – Report on Requirements for TheFSM


This deliverable aims at providing the 2nd version of business, data, legal and technical requirements under the TheFSM project, which will be the basis of the main functionalities of TheFSM platform and applications. The deliverable documents the outcomes of the second iteration of the following tasks under WP1 Requirements, which is delivered on M15:

Task 1.1 Business Requirements [M1-M27]

Task 1.2 Technical Requirements [M1-M33]

Task 1.3 Legal Requirements [M1-M33]

Task 1.4 Data Requirements [M1-M33]

The 1st version of business, data, legal and technical requirements under the TheFSM project (delivered on M4), were extracted from five (5) high level inspection and certification business scenarios in the food sector (food safety management and production systems, PDO/PGI and Organic wine certification, Dutch broiler meat case), which represented the core business activities of end users that are considered the ones that would benefit mostly from the platform.

This 2nd version focuses mainly on:

  1. The 1st assessment of BSCs after the 1st version of D1.1, by clearing out/merging the "final" end-users (stakeholders / actors) in each scenario according to their role in TheFSM platform in order reach common BRs for all common end-users (stakeholders / actors). In this direction all BSc and BRs that were recorded during the 1st version of the deliverable, were grouped and a number of ‘User Stories’ were produced (in collaboration with the WP3 Leader). The aim was to have an horizontal perspective of what we would like to achieve by adjusting the FSM Platform to the end users daily operations and facilitating the certification process.
  2. The finalization of the BRs and the prioritization/evaluation of user stories in terms of business and technical feasibility.
  3. Evaluating whether the validation method used in the 1 st version requires adjustment / changes and creating a more technical and business-oriented guide based on each user story with focus to the user stories concerning the three applications (food inspector application, supplier application and farm management system application).
  4. Validation (through the second cycle of focus groups) and the first ‘’ranking” of BRs through the evaluation of user stories from potential end users in order to guide the Platform Cluster (technical partners) and decide on the priorities of the next steps of software development.
  5. Updating the data, legal and technical requirements according to the finalised BRs emerged from the validation of user stories.
  6. Preparing a roadmap regarding the implementation of Pilots in the 4th semester of 2021.

The next update of the deliverable will take place on month M27 by providing the relevant feedback according to the development progress of the FSM platform and the relative applications (food inspector application, supplier application and farm management system application). 


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