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D4.8 Interim report on entrepreneurship patterns of creative industries in gentrifying urban neighbourhoods arising from empirical data gathered


Previous studies show that micro and small enterprises in creative and cultural industries (CCIs) tend to be influenced by physical co-location – the agglomeration. A high level of agglomeration is, however, in many senses the opposite to digitalisation: there is a contrast between operating an enterprise based on face-to-face contacts and physical attendance and operating one based on digital contacts and a digitally managed value chain.

Existing studies indicate two gaps in the research of the digitisation of CCI experiencing crucial changes in digitisation and especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic2 . First, there is a lack of knowledge regarding how the two macro-trends of agglomeration and digitalisation in CCIs are related to each other, for example leaving it open whether agglomeration offers support in digitalising enterprises. Second, there is a lack of knowledge regarding how digitalisation and especially digitalisation in the context of the recent COVID-19 pandemic affects the strongly agglomerating CC enterprises. For example, it is unclear whether it initiates a structural change within strongly agglomerated CC enterprises. This interim report offers an account of the changing entrepreneurship patterns of agglomerated CC enterprises located in gentrifying urban neighbourhoods.

This interim report serves as an input to the next report D4.5 which pays particular attention to the new emerging business models and their intellectual property (IP) issues. It also provides the scoping input for WP4, considering that one of the goals of the reCreating Europe consortium is to understand what constitutes a proper balance between copyright protection and limitations if the purpose is stimulating creativity and diffusion.

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