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Journal Data Policies: Getting started with a Framework and Examples from Society Journals

  • 1. PLOS
  • 2. Science/AAAS
  • 3. American Geophysical Union
  • 4. Cornell University; IUPAC


This seminar is part of a series to provide societies and their journals with information and resources to help their communities be more knowledgeable and prepared to share data (and software) in a way that is relevant and meaningful for each discipline.  This is a 12-month series.

Journal Data Policies: Getting started with a Framework and Examples from Society Journals

   2 July 2021, 10am ET (1400 UTC)


  • Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, Director, Open Research Solutions, PLOS and Co-author of the Research Data Policy Framework for All Journals and Publisher 
  • Jake Yeston, Editor for Physical Sciences Research, Science/AAAS 
  • Randy Townsend, Director of Publications Operations, American Geophysical Union 


  • Leah Rae McEwen, Chemistry Librarian, Cornell University; IUPAC

Description: This seminar features the new Research Data Policy Framework for All Journals and Publishers developed by the RDA Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation Interest Group (IG).  The agenda includes an overview of the framework and its adoption to date followed by use cases from both Science/AAAS and AGU on the journey of implementing data policies within society journals including our current alignment with the framework. Participants are encouraged to consider their own discipline and look for ways to actively work to improve the reproducibility of their science, scrutinizing their own field and leading the way in advances.

Seminar Recording

Resources referenced during the presentation:

Journal Data Policies: Getting started with a Framework and Examples from Society Journals

2 July Chat Discussion


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Data Sharing Seminar Series for Societies webpage:



Special thank you to Laura Lyon of AGU and her support organizing and managing this seminar.



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