Published June 30, 2021 | Version v1
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BIOPLAT-EU: Target Area Base Layer providing statistical information on demography, employment and land use for sustainability assessment


This dataset provides information on demographic variables related to population and employment as well as land use/land cover share on the basis of local administrative units (LAU). Within the BIOPLAT-EU project, this information is integrated into the webGIS  sustainability assessment tool.
Main source of the administrative unit geometries is the spatial data set of local administrative units (LAU) (2016) provided by the European Commission ( The data set was extended by Level 2 administrative boundaries of Albania ( and Level 3 administrative boundaries of Ukraine as of 2017 (

Data on demography (2016) for LAU + Albania was acquired using the Eurostat statistical database ( To calculate land use share for LAU and Albania, Corine Land cover (CLC) data from 2018 was used ( CLC classes were summarized into the following classes: urban areas (UrAr), forest (Fo), permanent crops (PeCr), annual crops (AnCr), permanent meadows and pastures (PeMaPa), industrial sites (InSi), water and wetlands (We), others (Ot).

For Ukraine data on demography provided by the State Statistics Survey of Ukraine ( . To calculate land use share per administrative unit, the land use map produced by Myroniuk et al. 2020 ( was used. Based to this map shares of the following land use classes are calculated: urban areas (UrAr), forest (Fo), annual and permanent cropland (AnPeCr), grassland (Gra), water and wetlands (We), others (Ot).


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BIOPLAT-EU – Promoting sustainable use of underutilized lands for bioenergy production through a web-based Platform for Europe 818083
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