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D13.1 – Software Release Procedures and Tools JRA2


This deliverable D13.1 – “Software Release Procedures and Tools JRA2” describes the activities carried out during the first six months of the ARIADNEplus project within Task 13.4 (T13.4) Software integration and release (JRA2.4) (Work Package 13 - WP13) and describes the procedures governing the release of software, methods, and tools for the ARIADNEplus infrastructure. This task is in charge of managing the process of the software maintenance, enhancement, and provisioning in JRA work packages. Thus, it i) defines release and provisioning procedures; ii) establishes the release plan; iii) coordinates the release process; iv) operates the tools required to support the release and provisioning activities; v) validates the software documentation; vi) takes care of the distribution of the software and its provisioning. This task benefits from the practices established and experience gained within the D4Science infrastructure. The procedures are documented through a set of documentation pages for single facilities hosted by the gCube wiki. In particular, this report provides the instructions and rules for three main patterns governing the provision of software and tools to the ARIADNEplus infrastructure. The first pattern is related to the provision of software to the gCube infrastructure enabling technology. This pattern describes the procedures for the storage of software and its management; the continuous integration of the software to build releasable software artefacts; and the generation of software distribution packages. The second pattern is related to the provision of software methods elaborated by the ARIADNEplus community requiring execution within the ARIADNEplus infrastructure. The third pattern is instead related to the provisions and integration of tools into the ARIADNEplus infrastructure.


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