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State of the Art of RRI in the Five UNESCO World Regions


This report presents findings to address the objectives of RRING Work Package 3 by providing an overview on the state of the art of RRI in the five UNESCO world regions.

The overall project aim is to bring RRI into the linked up global world to promote mutual learning and collaboration in RRI. This will be achieved by the formation of the global RRING community network and by the development and mobilisation of a global Open Access RRI knowledge base. RRING will align RRI to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a global common denominator.

The RRING project acknowledges that each region of the world is advancing its own agenda on RRI. Therefore, RRING will not be producing a Global RRI framework or strategy that is meant to be enforced in a top-down manner. Rather, increased coherence and convergence will be achieved via a bottom-up approach, learning from best practices in RRI globally and from linkages, via the new RRING community, to develop the RRI linked-up world.


The work described in this publication has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 788503.
The contributing authors would also like to thank other partners for their contribution throughout the development of this deliverable. Professor Alexander Gerber (HSRW) and Dr Gordon Dalton (UCC) for their advice and support, Emmet Fox and Rihab Khalid (ARU) for assistance in writing of the global interview research report sections, Monica Racovita for development of interview protocols, guidance materials and planning, and everyone leading on country-specific interview data collection: Shari Reiss (Technion, Israel), Amr Radwan (ASRT, Egypt), Tharwh Qutaish (RSS, Jordan), René Baptista (CEP, Bolivia), Bryan Mthiko (Bintel Analytics, Malawi), Abdelhak Chaibi (R&D Maroc, Morocco).


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