Published April 30, 2021 | Version DRAFT
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OPERAS-P Deliverable D6.2: Report on innovative business models in publishing


This report has been created as one of the deliverables of the OPERAS-P Task 6.2 (Innovative business models) of the OPERAS-P project. The main objective of this task is to develop, collate and share information about alternative funding models for open access (OA) books.

1. Academic Libraries and OA Books in Europe: A Landscape Study by RupertGatti and Agata Morka (Part 1 of this document). This report was published inFebruary 2021, as a result of a desk research and 14 interviews conducted with librarians representing 14  European countries: the OPERAS core members: (Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, and the Netherlands), with addition of Spain and the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden). It examined each country according to the following areas of interest: 1. general characteristics of library systems for e-content and OA
publications, 2. library community and open access, 3. OA book policies, 4. OA book funding, 5. library/scholar-led OA book publishing initiatives, and 6. integration of OA books in library systems. It was published in two versions: as a static file and as an open document, which the community can comment on.

2. Innovative business models for OA books: case studies report by Rupert Gatti and Agata Morka (Part 2 of this report). This report analyzes 9 case studies of publishers employing innovative business models for books and outlines challenges each of the presented models encounter.

3. Four workshops for librarians (put together in collaboration with the COPIM project), in which we discussed OA books publishing initiatives and gathered feedback on a proposed collective funding model. We hosted two country-focused workshops (one for Germany, prepared in cooperation with on July 31st, 2020 and one for Poland on August 13, 2020) and two regional ones: one for the Nordic countries with Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden (on September 30, 2020), and one for Southern Europe with Croatia, Greece and Slovenia (on October 8, 2020).


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