Published June 5, 2021 | Version 1
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A single-cell and spatially resolved atlas of human breast cancers | spatial transcriptomics data

  • 1. Garvan Institute of Medical Research


This repository contains spatial transcriptomics data related to the Wu et al. 2021 study "A single-cell and spatially resolved atlas of human breast cancers". Processed count matrices, brightfield HE-images (plain and annotated) and meta-data (containing clinical information and spot pathological details) for 6 primary breast cancers profiled using the Visium assay (10X Genomics). If you use this dataset in your research, please consider citing the above study.

The content of the files are:
raw_count_matrices.tar.gz - spaceranger processed raw count matrices.

spatial.tar.gz - spaceranger processed spatial files (images, scalefactors, aligned fiducials, position lists)

filtered_count_matrices.tar.gz - filtered count matrices.

metadata.tar.gz - metadata for tissues and spots of filtered count matrices, including clinical subtype and pathological annotation of each spot.

images.pdf - pdf detailing the H&E and annotation images.



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