Published April 29, 2021 | Version v1
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3D Halftoning based on Iterative Method Controlling Dot Placement

  • 1. Linköping University


Realistic appearance reproduction is of great importance in 3D printing’s applications. Halftoning as a necessary process in printing has a great impact on creating visually pleasant appearance. In this article, we study the aspects of adapting and applying Iterative Method Controlling Dot Placement  (IMCDP) to halftone three-dimensional surfaces. Our main goal is to extend the 2D algorithm to a 3D halftoning approach with minor modifications. The results show high-quality reproduction for all gray tones. The 3D halftoning algorithm is not only free of undesirable artifacts, it also produces fully symmetric and wellformed halftone structures even in highlight and shadow regions.


Reprinted with permission of IS&T: The Society for Imaging Science and Technology sole copyright owners of the Printing for Fabrication 2020 Proceedings


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