Published April 12, 2021 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

Transformer-based Methods for Recognizing Ultra Fine-grained Entities (RUFES)

  • 1. University of La Rochelle, L3i, F-17000, La Rochelle, France


This paper summarizes the participation of the Laboratoire Informatique, Image et Interaction (L3i laboratory) of the University of La Rochelle in the Recognizing Ultra Finegrained Entities (RUFES) track1 within the Text Analysis Conference (TAC) series of evaluation workshops. Our participation relies on two neural-based models, one based on a pretrained and fine-tuned language model with a stack of Transformer layers for fine-grained entity extraction and one out-of-the-box model for within-document entity coreference. We observe that our approach has great potential in increasing the performance of fine-grained entity recognition. Thus, the future work envisioned is to enhance the ability of the models following additional experiments and a deeper analysis of the results.



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EMBEDDIA – Cross-Lingual Embeddings for Less-Represented Languages in European News Media 825153
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