Published April 3, 2021 | Version v1
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Tool Demonstration: iv4XR Agent-based Testing Framework


The iv4XR Framework is an open source agent-based Java framework for automated testing. Currently the main use case is for testing computer games. The main novelty of iv4XR is in its choice for an agent-based approach. Agents are inherently reactive programs, and hence a good match to test highly interactive systems such as computer games. Iv4XR uses BDI based agency, which allows an agent to have belief and desire. Desires are formulated as goals,  e.g. to test a certain state in the SUT. Goal solvers can be composed from reasoning rules and rule combinators, and complex goals can be formulated through goal combinators. This approach combines a proactive dimension, that together with the reactive nature of agents provides more versatility and strength for automated testing. 


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