Published March 18, 2021 | Version v1
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A Country-Level Research Review: EdTech in Tanzania

  • 1. EdTech Hub


This document presents a review of the research landscape in Tanzania in relation to EdTech research focused on learners, teachers, or systems at the level of school-based education, excluding higher education (HE). The review draws upon the research literature, policy documents, grey literature, and interviews with key stakeholders in order to present an overview of the research landscape in Tanzania. There is a substantial body of relevant EdTech research which has been undertaken in Tanzania in the past decade. Eighty research articles were identified for inclusion in the review. This document provides an overview of trends in this literature and key actors and projects, and provides a specific focus upon existing research which relates to EdTech Hub’s ‘high-potential evidence gaps’ (HPEG) framework. In combination with political economy analysis, three areas for future research which would be practical and likely to have high impact are identified and described. 


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