Published January 31, 2021 | Version 1.0
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D3.2 - Annual Releases of the TheFSM Data Platform

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The current document entitled “Annual Release of TheFSM Data Platform” constitutes an
accompanied report of TheFSM Platfrom demonstrator providing the preliminary efforts
undertaken within the context of Tasks T3.2 “User, Identity & Application Management Layers”,
T3.3 “Secure Storage & Information Exchange”, T3.4 “Blockchain-powered Smart Contracting
Layer Secure Storage & Information Exchange” and T3.5 “Data Management, Indexing &
Processing” of WP3. The purpose of this deliverable is to deliver the first demonstrator of the
platform (M12). Towards this we present TheFSM backbone infrastructure that will support the
implementation and deployment of TheFSM platform, the technology stack of TheFSM
backbone infrastructure, the access information for the services of TheFSM backbone
infrastructure, we present TheFSM platform’s prototype for M12 and additional low-fidelity
mock-ups which were designed for all the main functionalities of the data market platform that
will be delivered in future releases. Finally, we conclude the document.


D3.2 - Annual Releases of the TheFSM Data Platform_V1.0.pdf

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