Published June 30, 2020 | Version 1.0
Project deliverable Open

D1.1-Report on Requirements for TheFSM


The current deliverable aims at providing a preliminary framework regarding requirements mapping
and analysis of TheFSM platform and constitutes the 1st version of business, data, legal and technical
requirements under the TheFSM project. The deliverable documents the outcomes of the first
iteration of the below tasks under WP1 Requirements, which is delivered on M4:
Task 1.1 Business Requirements [M1-M27]
Task 1.2 Technical Requirements [M1-M33]
Task 1.3 Legal Requirements [M1-M33]
Task 1.4 Data Requirements [M1-M33]
The requirements were examined under five (5) high level inspection and certification business
scenarios in the food sector (food safety management and production systems, PDO/PGI and Organic
wine certification, Dutch broiler meat case). The Report on Requirements for TheFSM includes the
main business, legal and technical standards which will guide the implementation of TheFSM Platform,
for the first year of the project (M1-M12)
The deliverable will be a living document which will be updated based on the results of each iteration
of T1.1, T1.2, T1.3 and T1.4 (M4, M15, M27, M33) providing the relevant updated version of the


TheFSM D1.1 Report on Requirements Final-Submitted_2020.06.30.pdf

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