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Silva 138.1 prokaryotic SSU taxonomic training data formatted for DADA2

  • 1. North Carolina State University


These training fasta files are derived from the Silva Project's version 138.1 release and formatted for use with DADA2. These files are intended for use in classifying prokaryotic 16S sequencing data and are not appropriate for classifying eukaryotic ASVs.

See for information about DADA2 reference databases and for database and citation information for Silva 138.1. The Silva 138.1 database is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY 4.0); see file "SILVA_LICENSE.txt". These fasta database files were generated and checked for consistency using the R markdown documents in the silva-138.1 folder in

If you use these files, please cite one or both of the Silva references below (or at the above link) and the DADA2 paper (reference below). I also recommend citing or linking to the Zenodo record for this specific version in your Methods or published source code to record the specific taxonomic database files used in your analysis.

NOTE: These database files have a known problem in 3/895 families and 59/3936 genera. See for a list of affected taxa and for more information.



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