Published March 2, 2021 | Version v1
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Data Management Plan Template: Interdisciplinary Health Software/Technology Development

  • 1. University of Saskatchewan


This template is designed for research projects where software or technology is being developed in an interdisciplinary health context. This template was created to represent the many stakeholders (e.g., patients, practitioners, developers, industry) involved in software or technology development, either as advisors or as participants being studied as a product of the research process. As a result, this template is separated into two sections; the first is focused solely on a management plan for the creation of software or technology, and the second on a data management plan designed to describe the methods in which data are gathered, analyzed, and shared from participants based on interventions or testing of the corresponding software or technology. In these studies, research participants can include either patients or practitioners, or both, depending on the software or technology’s intended use.



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