Published January 26, 2022 | Version 3
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Münsteranian Torturials on Nonlinear Science: ROTFFTW - steady and time-periodic states of drops on a rotating cylinder


  • 1. Uwe


The tutorial ROTFFTW is one of a series of tutorials on the practical application of numerical path-continuation methods for problems in soft matter and pattern formation. It is part of the "Münsteranian Torturials on Nonlinear Science". The tutorial explores the analogy between liquid films and drops on a rotating cylinder and substrates with spatially periodic one-dimensional wettability patterns. You will investigate depinning transitions that occur when the rotation speed of the cylinder is increased similar to the depinning of drops on heterogenous substrates. The employed code package is auto07p. It is recommended to consider this tutorial after the tutorial HETDROP.


The Münsteranian Torturials on Nonlinear Science are edited by U. Thiele, O. Kamps and S. V. Gurevich and hosted by the Center for Nonlinear Science (CeNoS) of WWU Münster.


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