Published January 14, 2021 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

E/W-Band CPW-based Amplifier MMICs Fabricated in a 60 nm GaN-on-Silicon Foundry Process

  • 1. Swedish Defence Research Agency
  • 2. Ericsson AB
  • 3. OMMIC S.A.S
  • 4. Chalmers University of Technology


This paper presents an experimental evaluation of two co-planar waveguide (CPW) based E/W-band amplifier MMICs realised in a 60 nm GaN-on-Si foundry process. A onestage amplifier and a two-stage amplifier realised in this process have a measured maximum gain of 8 dB and 16 dB at 73-74 GHz, respectively. The two amplifiers have a measured gain of 3 dB and 7 dB at 93 GHz when the drain voltage (Vd) is 10 V and the drain current (Id) is 15 mA per stage. The two-stage amplifier has a measured noise figure (NF) of 2.7-3.8 dB and 2.9-4.1 dB at 90-95 GHz when the Id is 10 mA and Vd is 5 V and 10 V, respectively. The measured NF of this amplifier is equal to 4-6 dB at 92-95 GHz when an Id of 10-20 mA is used in each stage with same drain bias. 



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